MXL Clip and Scene Control

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Ableton Live allows you to map a MIDI message to a specific clip or scene, however its standard mapping mechanism is highly impractical when managing a large number of clips. This is why many musicians prefer using grid-like controllers such as Ableton Push or Novation Launchpad.

The MXL Clip Control and MXL Scene Control max-for-live devices let you trigger dozens or even hundreds of clips/scenes by using a very small portion of your standard MIDI keyboard (and save hundred bucks in the process!).

The two devices work in a similar way. You select one single key on your MIDI keyboard as the master activation note: if you keep this key pressed, you can use any other key as a trigger for a clip/scene. For example, if you have a 25-key controller, you can configure the lowest 4 keys to work as activation notes, and the remaining keys to control clips and scenes, for a total of 21*4=84 clips or scenes! Clip and scene activation honors Live's launch quantization settings, thus you never miss a beat.

Even better, you can store trigger notes in a Live clip or track, and prepare clip sequences as complex as you wish. Or use the Live's Random device to emit a random note to create unpreditctable clip sequences.

Using activation notes, you can also mute/unmute clips, select the previous/next scene, trigger or stop the currently selected scene, and more.

Download the PDF manual here.

NOTE: These devices require Ableton Live Suite version 10 and 11, and don't work with Live Lite or Standard.

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MXL Clip and Scene Control

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